UAF eLearning & Distance Education partners with University of Alaska Fairbanks academic departments and programs to offer quality education with flexible options, enabling a dispersed, diverse population of students to achieve their educational goals through excellent content connected to contemporary skills and literacies.

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Registration for Summer 2015 is open. See a list of available courses.You can also register for Fall 2015. Use this form to register. See the list of courses available for Fall 2015.

Minor in Leadership

UAF’s new leadership minor is designed to strengthen graduates’ abilities to lead and contribute effectively in both the public and private sphere. Multiple tracks are available to appeal to a wide range of students:

  • Alaska Native Community
  • Business Administration
  • Communications
  • Military Science
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Political Science
  • To learn how eLearning can help you earn this minor, contact Brighton Brooks, our academic advisor: brighton.brooks@alaska.edu or 907.479.4706

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    What we do at UAF eLearning does not fit on one site. Discover more about UAF eLearning:

    iteachuiTeachU – A training resource and informational site for UAF faculty.

    CITE Fellows ProgramCITE Fellows – The “Chancellor’s Program for Innovation in Technology and Elearning” recruits, prepares and supports dedicated teaching faculty in innovation in the field of online education.

    communityCommunity – View open courses as well as UAF courses using WordPress for content management.

    digital beards transparent logoDigital Beards – Podcasts created by UAF eLearning on Education Technology. Learn how to cartoon from Jamie Smith.

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    Expanding Google

    With Extensions, Add-ons & Apps Thanks to Google, we have access to a plethora of tools to help us get stuff done. This week’s Teaching Tip focuses on a few ways to extend the functionality of the Google products  we already know and love — Chrome and Google . Extensions: For google Chrome Extensions are […]

    THIS JUST IN: Online Presentations Can Be Successful

    Have you been inspired by a Ted Talk? Do you look to YouTube to watch an expert in your field? With an increasing number of web conferencing tools and improved broadband services, there are many opportunities to deliver online presentations. The ubiquity of mobile devices able to record video and the availability of server space […]

    Where to Find Instructor Feedback

    This week’s Teaching Tip shows faculty what a student sees when looking for feedback inside of Blackboard. You, however, can use it to learn more about how to see feedback from your instructor in Blackboard: The Care & Feeding of Progress.

    10 Ways to Give Your Peers Better Feedback

    Giving constructive feedback to help improve someone’s work isn’t always easy. Comments such as “I really liked it” or “I didn’t get it” don’t help the originator make improvements. Here are 10 suggestions students might consider when giving comments to their peers. Be thorough. Consider the difference between spelling, grammar, and formatting edits and constructive […]
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    New Courses

    Be part of a new hands-on research experience — from anywhere with internet access! The University of Alaska Fairbanks will be offering Biology F193 (for credit) and Biology F043 (non-credit) for the first time this fall. Students will… Learn how to do biomedical research — including data collection, data analysis, and interpretation of results — […] Show More