Books and materials for semester-based courses may be purchased at the UAF Bookstore at

The UAF Bookstore is located in Constitution Hall at 504 Tok Lane on campus. They can be reached by phone at 907-474-7348 or 1-888-280-8500.

What kinds of Materials can I expect to Use?

Course materials may include textbooks, syllabi, audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, computer disks, CD-ROMs, maps, laboratory kits, computer software and other kinds of items depending on the specific course. These materials frequently change as the course content is updated. Textbooks, in particular change edition often. Some courses require specific software or computer disks. Online courses require current internet browsers and may require specific plug-ins for viewing media.

Course Guides for Print Courses

Download a copy of your course guide in PDF format. If you need a printed copy, contact UAF eLearning at 474-3444 or