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UAF eLearning reserves the right to prohibit the following in the Exam Center:

– Food or drinks of any kind
– Personal pens, pencils (these will be provided in the exam center)
– Ball caps or hats with a brim
– Any materials not specifically permitted by the instructor, including graphing calculators
– Cell phones or other electronics
– Book bags, backpacks, briefcases, or purses
– Personal scratch paper (these will be provided in the exam center)

Read more on Proctor Procedures and Student Code of Conduct

This request must be submitted one week prior to your exam due date.

If you are located in Fairbanks, you may take your proctored exams at UAF eLearning. No appointment is necessary. You do not need to locate a proctor or fill out the form below.

NOTE: The UAF eLearning Exam Center has moved to 131 Bunnell building on campus.


If you live in Alaska but outside Fairbanks and need to take a proctored exam, choose a proctor from the list of approved Alaska proctors and fill out the form below. Your exam will be sent to your proctor.


If you do not have access to any of the proctors on the approved list or are located outside of Alaska, you may request a new proctor by completely filling in the form below. A local educational institution like a public school, university, community college, library, or a learning center is the best choice. Relatives, close friends, peer coworkers, or students cannot be proctors. Once the exam request is received by UAF eLearning, a Proctor Eligibility Form will be emailed to your proctor. Your requested proctor must complete and return the Proctor Eligibility Form before being screened for eligibility. This process can take two to three weeks so please start the process early in the semester!

If you have questions or concerns about the exam process, please email or call 907-455-2060

Directions for filling out this form:
– Fill out ALL REQUIRED fields
– This request must be submitted one week prior to your exam due date

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UAF students can seek special accommodations through UAF Disability Services if needed. Visit for information.

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