Online Courses for High School Students

Dual credit means students get both high school and college credit from one course.

What Is Dual Credit?

Dual credit means students get both high school and college credit from one course.

Many high school students take courses through UAF to get a jump start on their college career and meet their high school requirements. As an accredited institution, we offer general education courses that not only apply toward core requirements at UAF, but are also accepted at other institutions of higher education. These online courses offer great flexibility for the busy student — you can take your courses from anywhere in the world at any time.

Next Steps

  1. Talk to your parents and your high school counselor about this opportunity.
  2. Submit the Fall 2018 Registration form.
  3. Have your parents complete this consent form.

It’s that easy… we’ll take it from here. You can expect to receive the following from us:

  • Your University of Alaska ID number
  • Help coordinating any placement exams you may need
  • Information on next steps (getting your books, paying tuition and fees, getting access to UAF’s online learning system, etc.)

General Education Requirements Available Online in Fall 2018


COJO F121X – Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (3)

COJO F131X – Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Group Context (3)

COJO F141X – Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Public Context (3)

WRTG F111X – Introduction to Academic Writing (3)

WRTG F211X – Academic Writing About Literature (3)

WRTG F213X – Academic Writing About the Social and Natural Sciences (3)

WRTG F214X – Arguing Across Contexts (3)

Library & Information Research

LS F101X Library Information and Research (1)


MATH F113X – Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (3)

MATH F114X – Patterns and Society (3)

MATH F122X – Precalculus for Business and Economics (3)

MATH F151X – College Algebra for Calculus (4)

MATH F152X – Trigonometry (3)

MATH F156X – Precalculus (4)

MATH F230X – Calculus Essentials with Applications (3)

MATH F251X – Calculus I (4)

MATH F252X – Calculus II (4)

MATH F253X – Calculus III (4)

STAT F200X – Elementary Probability and Statistics (3)

Natural Sciences

CHEM F100X – Chemistry in Complex Systems (4)

MSL F111X – The Oceans (4)


ART F200X – Explorations in Art (3)

FLPA/COJO F105X – History of the Cinema (3)

FLPA F200X – Performance, Production and the Audience (3)

MUS F103X – Music Fundamentals (3)

MUS F200X – Explorations in Music (3)


ENGL/FL F200X – World Literature (3)

ENGL F270X – Introduction to Creative Writing (3)

FREN F101X – Elementary French I (5)

GER F101X – Elementary German I (5)

LAT F101X – Beginning Latin I (3)

LAT F102X – Beginning Latin II (3)

PHIL F102X – Introduction to Philosophy (3)

SPAN F101X – Elementary Spanish I (5)

SPAN F102X – Elementary Spanish II (5)

Social Sciences

ACCT F261X – Principles of Financial Accounting (3)

ANS F111X – History of Colonization in Alaska: The Indigenous Response (3)

ANTH F100X – Individual, Society and Culture (3)

BA F151X – Introduction to Business (3)

BA F254X – Personal Finance (3)

BA/SPRT F281X – Introduction to Sport Management (3)

ECE F104X – Child Development I: Prenatal, Infants and Toddlers (3)

ECON F100X – Political Economy (3)

ECON F201X – Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (3)

ECON F202X – Introduction to Economics II: Macroeconomics (3)

GEOG F101X – Expedition Earth: Introduction to Geography (3)

HIST F100X – Modern World History (3)

JUST F110X – Introduction to Justice (3)

JUST F125X – Introduction to Addictive Processes (3)

PS F100X – Political Economy (3)

PS F201X – Comparative Politics (3)

PSY F101X – Introduction to Psychology (3)

SOC F101X – Introduction to Sociology (3)

SOC F201X – Social Problems and Solutions (3)

I chose to enroll in dual credit because it gave me the greatest bang for my buck. I was anxious to get into more in-depth studies as soon as possible and the flexibility of UAF eLearning allowed that. Higher education while knocking out high school credits, what is there not to like?

Dylan Burton

Student with IDEA Homeschool

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